your customers are ONLINE
Why aren’t you?

Increase Revenue. Connect with Customers.
Control the Brand Experience.

It used to be that manufacturers could dictate where a consumer bought from them. Today in the highly competitive digital economy, consumers are shopping where they want, and when they want. It’s up to you to make your product easy to find, easy to purchase and offer them the best experience possible.

Your Brand Needs
Its Own Online Store
(and why it needs to be done right)

Your most profitable channel

Under the traditional wholesale model, a brand only receives about 22% of the MSRP of its product. A brand that sells its products online directly to consumers earns 81% of that same MSRP. Multiply those margins and the bottom line proves well worth the investment to open up your own online shop.


Consumers demand it

Grazia Daily reported that 64% of shoppers research purchases online before buying online. Those customers who researched online before end up spending 33% more on average. By 2017, 70% of all apparel purchases will start with consumers researching online.

Customers are shopping online whether your brand is represented or not. And it’s likely that your competition is selling direct to consumers. Don’t risk being left behind and losing market share because your competition already has a system in place to attract and capture potential customers. An online store protects your market share and becomes a venue to attract new customers without the distraction of competitive brands and private label products.


Tell your story. Your way.

A well-planned user interface, rich visuals and engaging content ensure that your brand story comes across seamlessly online. The traditional brick-and-mortar flagship store is a wonderful sensory experience—if you can go there in person. An online retail store, done right, can convey an equally powerful brand experience while having its doors open to a global audience.

In addition to being in control of the visual experience, customers can experience your company values in practice through the personalized customer service and brand culture offered by an online store.


Showcase the entire collection

For most brands, the online store is the only place where any customer around the world can view your collection in its entirety. It’s also the first place that loyal customers will look to get products that may not be carried at a partnering retailer. Loyal customers can drive word-of-mouth, resulting in product requests to other retailers.


Build loyal relationships

A brand’s website is the front line of communications between you and your customers. Visitors that discover your brand through a partner retailer, technically, don’t belong to you. They’re on that retailer’s email list and in contact with that retailer’s employees. Selling online offers you all the first-person customer insights that a retailer receives. Quality control issues come to you first. You get to meet the natural brand ambassadors that return season after season for your product and why.


Support all sales channels

A successful direct-to-customer business supports ecommerce with your current online distribution partners. In fact, it can help increase revenue across all channels. A well-designed digital marketing strategy will drive brand awareness, increase organic word-of-mouth, and, in turn, positively affect all distributors selling your product.


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