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We deliver exceptional enterprise level solutions and technology typically out of the reach of brands. We give brands the ability to compete in an ever-evolving, increasingly complicated and expensive online environment only afforded to Big Retail.


Solution driven data is the key to understanding and navigating the complex world of e-commerce, and results are what drive BOL. Utilizing this data guides every decision we make allowing for brands to compete. We raise the bar and keep clients ahead of the competition. Our objective is your brand’s success.


Dedicated to delivering excellence in all that we do. Branded Online began with a simple observation – that most outsourced systems for e-commerce were built on outdated, and often ineffective technology. It was with this idea Jan and Geoff assembled a team of the most talented minds in the industry to develop a revolutionary e-commerce platform that has changed the way brands sell online as well as the entire online shopping experience.

Branded Online’s reputation is built on integrity and trust. Every success the company enjoys is a direct result of the success of its clients.

Since 2010 Branded Online has helped many brands demystify e-commerce by helping them navigate the complex online retail environment. The company delivers operational excellence every time, no matter how large or small the brand. Branded Online is a team of creative problem solvers with a knack for online brand building. The company lives, loves, and breathes e-commerce, every day. It delivers to its clients a vast amount of exceptional services including creative design, photography, customer services, marketing, brand management, warehouse and fulfillment, technology development, merchant services, and fraud protection to name a few.


Jan Nugent – CEO

A visionary and pioneer, Jan Nugent has a proven track record of creating successful businesses since the onset of the e-commerce revolution. His leadership in both global business strategy, digital marketing and solution-based technology platform development has generated billions of dollars in revenue for some of the largest tech, media, entertainment and fashion companies in the world.

As CEO of Commerce5 (formerly BuyNow), an e-commerce outsource company in the consumer electronic space, Jan grew the business through identifying holes in the existing market and future growth opportunities then being first-to-market with solution based, forward-thinking digital platform technology. The success of the company under his leadership resulted in a merger with Digital River, a leading tech company providing e-commerce services to software and digital content companies. At Digital River Jan oversaw sales and logistics, helping titans like Microsoft, Sony and Best Buy implement performance marketing platforms and enterprise e-commerce solutions that would enable them to scale globally and adapt to the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Jan also served as CEO of Gunnar Optics, where he helped launch and transform the revolutionary performance eyewear company into a global, category-defining fashion brand. Under his leadership and through innovation in product design, digital marketing and tech-driven global logistics, Gunnar experienced significant growth. It was then Jan had a light-bulb moment – Most middle-market fashion brands use outsourced e-commerce services and platforms built on outdated and often-ineffective technology. This ultimately led to the start of what is now, Branded Online. With this idea, Jan teamed with software development pioneer Geoffrey Van Haeren, a longtime friend and colleague from Commerce5 and Digital River, to build Branded Online’s revolutionary e-commerce platform. At Branded Online, Jan and Geoff have built a culture of teamwork fueled by self-empowerment. They continue to push the needle in tech innovation and have Branded Online perfectly poised to bring fashion brands leading-edge, data driven e-commerce solutions, now and for years to come.

Geoffrey Van Haeren – CTO

One of the brightest minds in the business, Geoffrey Van Haeren is a technology executive, systems architect and IT engineer with over 20 years of expertise leading technology teams and building enterprise e-commerce systems. His leadership and approach to e-commerce technology have generated billions of dollars in revenue.

As co-founder and officer of Commerce5, Geoffrey and his technology team developed a core multi-tenant technology platform that not only changed e-commerce, but laid the groundwork for the industry’s future. When Digital River acquired Commerce5, Geoff joined the team. There he built and drove product development, software architecture, mobile verticals, and the Microsoft Store – which constituted over half of Digital River’s $2B in top-line revenue. Geoffrey has also served as CTO at CABI, the largest fashion apparel multi-level marketing company in the United States. As their chief architect, he led the technology team in developing, building and delivering a next-generation SAAS-based MLM platform – a key factor in the company’s growth and success.

At Branded Online, Geoffrey is once again creating leading technology built to revolutionize the entire e-commerce industry as well as bring some of the world’s most iconic fashion brands up to speed in the fast-paced, ever-changing, internet retail environment. Geoff loves coming to work every day with the opportunity to build an organization where ideas, values and individuals are respected and championed.

As veterans of building e-commerce systems and solutions for online giants like Microsoft, Sony, and Best Buy, our co-founders, Jan Nugent and Geoffrey Van Haeren, have been at the forefront of digital innovation, emergent marketing and operational automation for the past 20 years.