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From 0 to launch in 60 days.


Bebe® required a partner to quickly revamp their direct-to-consumer site,, with an enhanced personalized shopping experience that addresses the complex needs and expectations of today’s diverse, cosmopolitan consumer. In addition to providing the technology backbone and design for the retailer’s online store, BOL is providing full-service support including creative and marketing as well as development, logistics and fulfillment.


18% Year-over-year sales growth and a reduced Digital Marketing Spend by over 60%!

Core Services:

Technology and Development

Ecommerce Strategy and Operations

Digital Marketing Services

Creative Design

Photography Services

Physical Services (Call Center, Merchant Services)

Product and Catalog Management

Fraud Management & Tax

  • In fewer than 60 days completed the custom integration with Bebe’s legacy systems and launched the newly developed online shopping destination, featuring a completely transformed customer experience, including an enhanced loyalty program which gives customers new opportunities to engage.
  • A mobile-responsive design, intuitive user interface and underlying analytics platform make it easy for customers to uncover new products, get recommendations and access deals based on their interests and then to purchase from any device.
  • With Intelligent design, Real-Time Analytics and Streamlined Operations, BOL has helped an iconic retailer drive revenue opportunities, positioning them with the ability to scale quickly and experience exponential growth in online sales revenue.
“The experienced team at Branded Online, combined with their established relationships at every point of the procure-to-stock process, enables us to innovate fast and meet customers wherever they are,” said Joey Gabbay, CEO of Bluestar Alliance LLC and manager of BB Brand Holdings LLC.

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